Pls where to buy working twitter proxies

I am using 100 proxies from highproxies with 100 twitter accounts. I sometimes lose accounts, maybe 20/month. I dont do agressive following (I do 20-70/day,sometimes likes and DM’s)

I want to use 500 accounts plan but I guess need 500 proxies for the safest way. Highproxies will cost too much …what do u recommend???

Test with 4g proxy

zproxies and proxy6

Hello, what kind of accounts are you, customers?

I use Anonymous-Proxy for Twitter. Not as big a scale as you, but I don’t lose any accounts.

I use my own accounts that promote my business. Currently I run 100 and I pay $234 for 100 proxies monthly on highproxies. They told me if I want 500 I would have 500x 2,34.
I think thats very expensive. But I also want it the safe way for my future twitter accounts.

Whats really the best option?=

proxy 6 ipv4 proxies right? do they work good with twitter 1 account per proxy right?