[POLL] How many days do you unfollow after?

On average, how many days do you unfollow a user after? And why?

  • Unfollow oldest followed user after follow
  • Unfollow after less than 1 day
  • Unfollow after 1 day
  • Unfollow after 2 days
  • Unfollow after 3 days
  • Unfollow after 4 days
  • Unfollow after 5 days
  • Unfollow after 6 days
  • Unfollow after 7 days
  • Unfollow after 8+ days

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That really depends on your niche and research. You must first do a research on your audience and on how often do they come online and their activities (follow back ratio etc) then you decide from there.


i assume the follow notification disappears after you unfollow them but have always wondered about this. I do 3 days to keep the account followings at a reasonable level

It’s important to unfollow them in their offline timezone, if possible, so they might oversee the notification. But that highly depends on your filters regarding what kind of activity your demographic has.


But there isn’t an unfollow notification necessarily, so they would just see their followers drop, but not necessarily know who unfollowed. Esp with it getting harder for the “unfollow tracker” apps to work with the new IG API limits.

Usually after 5-7 days. If they dont follow back -> unfollow. Looking for potential followers again.

anything between 1 and 5 depending on the account and need.
B2B has 5 days and never unfollows followers
B2C can be as low as 1 day to keep the followings number down


No real users use that shit.

Also what new API limits are you talking about?

So you are saying people do not get a unfollow notification?

awesome tip right there, it definitely works for users that doesnt have any unfollow notifications.

It would be super interesting to test the difference this makes in different niches. I never thought of it in terms of how often people in different niches open their apps etc

I actually unfollow after 1 day, and users who followed back after 7 days, think it’s better to not unfollow those immediatly like the others…

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Yes, people do not get an unfollow notification.

From Instagram’s help center: “People won’t be notified when you unfollow them”

This is because you don’t want semi-active followers?

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yup, exactly and also cuz I don’t want them to unfollow me aswell immediatly…