[Poll] How many followings you doing?


Just poll to see whats the range people are in?
No Manual guys please.

Daily F numbers?

  • 5x-10x
  • 10x-15x
  • 15x-20x
  • 20x-30x
  • 30x-above

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Do you get blocks?

  • No blocks of any kind
  • Some temp blocks but fixes itself and it reaches my daily
  • Temp and hard blocks still, cant reach daily

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what do you mean by 5x-10x? between 50 and 100?

i do 130 F a day without any issues


Not experiencing the error? It’s on and off on accs. Cant complain


I think most people will pick 30x or above as we all follow more than 100 per day ^^


thanks looks like im doing too conservative numbers


120-150 a day is definitely safe, i personally call BS on people claiming they do 300+ a day


Im doing 300+ daily here no problems without blocks :slight_smile:


On your own created accounts or bought accounts?


both type of accounts, the quality of your proxy matters alot :slight_smile:


@elogicuk You use residential, right? How much are those proxies costing you right now?


No blocks. I even did 500 follow-ups a day


Where are you/your accounts based?


You guys using api or eb?