[poll] IG Follow Limit

Another poll here
This one concerns the limits on follow/unfollow imposed by Instagram

Now, there is a strange thing with the limits in question.
Whenever one of my accounts gets disabled by IG and I manage to get it back, [%100 success rate so far, which, I believe, comes to the conclusion that these are merely preventative measures] I was able to follow at a greater pace. Considering the success rate at getting my accounts back, this might be actually be my new method :grinning:

In any case, here are three polls regarding limits: one for new accounts, [<3 months old] one for aged accounts [>3 months old] and one for accounts that went through disabling in the past.

What was the highest number of followings you made with your new account [<3 months old] on a consecutive basis [more than 7 days] without being disabled or encountering temporary bans?

  • 300-400
  • 400-500
  • 500-600
  • 600-700
  • 800-900

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What was the highest number of followings you made with your aged account [>3 months old] on a consecutive basis [more than 7 days] without being disabled or encountering temporary bans?

  • 1000-1100
  • 1100-1200
  • 1200-1300
  • 1400-1500
  • more

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What was the highest number of followings you made with your aged account [>3 months old] on a consecutive basis [more than 7 days] after being disabled, yet without being disabled again or encountering temporary bans any further?

  • 1100-1200
  • 1200-1300
  • 1300-1400
  • 1500-1600
  • 1600-1700
  • more

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100% SUCCESS RATE! DAMN YOU! I am super jealous!
If you are in the Christmas spirit feel free to recover my hundreds upon hundreds of banned accounts haha

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Great job on adding the variables! This is so important for accurate statistics :smiley:

You did however miss one important variable :smiley:

Although the maximum amount of social actions is increased with aged accounts, there is a variable as to whether or not the account it following, liking and posting pictures also. I do all 4 so my limit us much lower compared to someone who is only following.

For Example: Lets say theoretically that an aged account can complete 1500 social actions every day without getting banned. This does not mean you can follow 1500, like 1500, and post 1,500. You need to make sure that your liking + following + posting does not exceed 1,500.

The way I see it is:
Likes = 1 Social Action
Follows = 2 Social Actions
Posting = 50-100 Social Actions

So If I were to answer your poll, I would be answering much lower than the options you provided because I am also liking, and posting pictures.


Interesting thought. Never thought it works like this, I must admit.
Some questions though;

1-) Out of what? What is the action limit?
2-) I would posting images would allow you to follow more, but you seem to be saying it works the other way around? So, posting images decreases the number of people you can follow?
3-) I am guessing unfollowing equals 2 social actions as following?

If you have specific accounts that you believe would worth the effort, we can give it a shot :smiley:

There are a few school of thoughts about this. Some say you should not exceed xxxx amount of actions per day which comprises of follow, unfollow, likes and comments.

The other ones has weight applies to the variables. Just to throw a simple example, commenting could have heavier weight than following e.g. 1 comment action is equal to 5 follow actions. So if your account has 10 requests/actions limit rate per hour, you could only do 2 comments or 1 comment with 5 follows in an hour. This is much more complex but I tend to believe IG’s algo is as or much more sophisticated than this.

In the end, nobody knows. Just a guess from your own testing. You still need to put the amount of likes, follow back, followers, following and reports you get into consideration which will ultimately affects your requests rate.


Interesting stats @Issac and @florin22xxl
Do you mind showing the way for us :grinning:

This was only my own perspective. I cannot backup these claims, however they are based on my own experiences. I personally believe this 98%.

I have no clue. I assume that newly created accounts have around 500 daily social actions, 3 month old accounts have 1500-2000 daily social actions, 6+ months 2000-5000 daily social actions. <----Anyone who is reading this do not take this as factual.

I personally believe that posting images decreased the amount you can follow, like, or comment every day. (I see a future poll being made on this haha)

This is a hard one to say. Comparing in the basic standpoint of following being the complete oppostite of un-following they should share the same social actions (2). However I think that Un-following is 3-4 social points for the reason that un-following is not natural to keep doing on a daily basis. If you think about it, how often do accounts un-follow users who are not using MP or automation software? I would assume this is very low. That being said, it would cause a red flag if you un-follow to many users, thus implying that the social actions is higher.

Instagrams algorythim is very complex and it changes often making it impossible to learn and master. The only solution I see is to use these theories to better understand the basics of their algorithm and use it as a benchmark to keep my accounts safe.

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Just for the sake of brainstorming;
I add 30-35 photos to each account I create the moment they are created and let them sit for couple of weeks.
There are plenty of them working even without a single PV

Do you have a problem like you set up to follow 1000 per day but your tool dashboard tell that mp follow only 200 per day ? Any sugestion?

enough sources? Too many filters? Verrrryyyyyy slow proxies?

My tip for following/unfollowing is that you first follow people until you hit the cap.

Then you wait a few days until everyone you followed saw it.

After that you slowly start to unfollow people until you reach a decent amount of followings.

Wait, rinse and repeat.

Is there any chance you could share your Follow settings (screenshot)? I’d really appreciate seeing how you have it set.

Sure man, PM me, i use Jarvee :slight_smile:

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