[POLL] Instagram Multi-Account post analyzer and content quality analyzer


This should be one of the most advanced analyzers of content and posts

I was using this tool only for myself as developer created for me. So you basically input unlimited Instagram usernames, set how many latest posts to scrape, and tool will give you this data of each account, in excel file:

  1. URL of the post
  3. Media resolution in pixels
  4. Last time media posted (minutes ago)
  5. Posting full date
  6. Day of the week
  7. Month of the year
  8. Media type
  9. Video duration
  10. How many posts in gallery
  11. Tagged location URL
  12. Location name
  13. Location ID
  14. FULL caption text
  15. Overall quality of the post
  16. Caption uniqueness score (dictionary uniqueness score, hashtag uniqueness score, emoji uniqueness score, tag uniqueness score, mention uniqueness score)
  17. Post quality score
  18. Total engagement of the post (%)
  19. Number of total engagements (likes + comments)
  20. Number of likes received from followers and non-followers
  21. Number of comments received from followers and non-followers
  22. Number of followers and non-followers who both liked and commented
  23. Number of words used in caption
  24. Number of the same words used in the caption
  25. Number of new words used in the caption
  26. Full list of used words used in caption
  27. Full list of same words used in caption
  28. Full list of new words used in caption
  29. Full list of unique words used in caption
  30. Number of hashtags used in the caption
  31. Number of the same hashtags used in the caption based on the previous post
  32. Number of new hashtags used in the caption based on the previous post
  33. Full list of hashtags used
  34. Extracts hashtags and puts into categories based on their post count

You can take a look at example excel output of one account and 5 latest posts (old data) here:

Why I needed such advanced content analyzor is because I could clearly know which accounts using the same hashtags, to determine post quality, extract hashtags, and many other things…

Would you be interested if I can make this tool available for you guys?

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  • No

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You can give me suggestions on how to improve this tool here down below in the comments :slight_smile:


You are a value machine mate! :smiley: Mindblowing :muscle:
I’m interested. For what did you used the tool for example?

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Hehehe, thanks! :slight_smile:

I used to identify which accounts post great content (not in terms of engagement rate and such) and extract all hashtags, mentioned users, tagged users, etc from the post captions.
I managed to create a very sophisticated algorithm and formula to evaluate post quality (in order to evaluate post quality, I take into consideration those things: the length of the caption and it’s uniqueness, hashtag over-usage, etc…
Also, I didn’t find any tool online where I could scrape hashtags from all accounts’ post captions and present it nicely in excel spreadsheet, and also categorize the hashtags into groups.
Also, during my tests I managed to get better engagement rate on the posts with such data analyzed, by discarding bad posts. :slight_smile:
Well, there are even more things that I used this tool (mainly for increasing the reach by implementing data provided by the tool and using some tweaks and twists xexe).
If you saw the example excel spreadsheet, it has a ton of information you can think of of each post of the account including calculations and post evaluation metrics :slight_smile:

You might use the analytics for your own needs and tests, since there are a lot of data of each post - maybe you can be smart as hell to find why some posts go viral and get better engagement rate by analyzing data :wink:


This sounds very very interesting. Especially this algorithm to evaluate posts got me curious. Does it give you some type of score? And does it tell you what can be improved in posts that score poorly?

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Yes, it give you a post quality score. Usually, I repost posts that receive at least 7 in terms of post score. You can check example excel data spreadsheet to get a better understanding.

During my tests, I came into conclusion that the best posts to repost are those which:

  1. use different captions (word dictionary uniqueness)
  2. don’t over-use hashtags (includes only unique hashtags, related to the post)
  3. don’t mention a lot of accounts



I’ll download the sheet when I’m home not on my work computer later today! Sounds like this could be a very useful tool :blush:

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Xexe, I think it is :slight_smile:

It really is a valuable tool, a lot of members will use it if you decide to share. As always, anything about analyzing Instagram is fun :slight_smile:

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Sure, I will be waiting for your message and thoughts! Would love to hear your feedback :slight_smile:

I just know there is something like this.
Cool tools, could we check what time they do online?
how many hour spend?

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I am not quite sure what you mean by that :slight_smile:

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Would be really cool to have a very simplified version of this with a single purpose to detect geo location of the account based on the post location data. I know many people would find this valuable for targeting purposes. Probably won’t be 100% precise but better than nothing.

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I meant if the tools could detect our followers what time do they most online and how many hour they spend on Instagram

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And how would you be able to detect that from a scraper?

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I don’t know any tool that could do that what you mentioned.

I know only three ways to determine when your followers are being active:

  • You can check when your followers are most active on the platform by changing your account type into Business. You can see such data in Analytics.
  • Another way is to track the notifications when your followers engage with some content, so you could determine when they are being active.
  • Third way is to track when your followers are engaging with your content (tracking liking/commenting metrics of each post)

@monzo Yeah, exactly. It is nearly impossible (but there are ways to do it but they would require a lot of programming knowledge if you want to automate that) :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice! My tool already provides that (all locations names used in the posts). Also, if you want to scrape accounts that used specific location, you can scrape them from locations feed in Instagram. :slight_smile:



@pow crazy man, just scrolling through the top threads of IG marketting, more than half of them is your guides haha… Incredible how much value you are sharing, thanks man!!! :smiley:

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