[POLL] Trading FB Ads Techniques


For the last 8 months of 2020 I’ve been working quite a lot with Fb Ads and I’ve tried many techniques and strategies along the way, but now I want to expand.

Since this part of the forum is not that populated, I assume there are either few people that know the deal, or a bunch of people that have no clue about what’s happening. Either way, I’m cool with that.

Now, I wanna open a topic that will share different used strategies with results on fb ads. Anyone interested in that?

Should we give those strategies in the public or shall we keep them for Lv2 only?

What’s your thought on this one?

Let’s debate a little bit. I really wanna bring this part of the forum to life because I feel like I owe a lot to this whole forum, but for now I can only help with the Facebook part of it.



My 5 cents, if you think that the strategies are available anywhere else just keep them public, if not, move it to Lvl2.

Cannot wait to read those!

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well, 75% of them are not available to the public and one of them was kinda found by myself, tested and successfully scaled. good point on this one.

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I’m still level 1, but while interested, generally agree with the message.

Share fundamental stuff here & more advance stuff there in level 2

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