POLL Which is the best alone in 2019 to get more followers comments/follow/likes?

If you could choose only one method to get more followers in 2019 which one would it be - comments/follow/like?

    1. comments on other people posts
    1. follow other people
    1. likes on other people posts

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Yeah, I know great marketer should do all, have great content, post at certain times, use right hashtags, bla, bla, blaโ€ฆ :grinning: :joy: :sunglasses: but letโ€™s have some fun. Got additional tips for new members - feel free to post them below :wink:

Of course the best thing alone to increase followers on a new account is to follow other people. A tip I recommend everyone to do is the mother/slave to grow you initial account faster.


Yeah, I was actually curious if anybody think otherwise :wink:

Following is the best way but liking and commenting is not bad either.

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Must say is the safest too, at least between the 3

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gota follow hustle . follow follow follow yo

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follow others followers
content and consistency and quality hashtags for engagament, and engage to get engagement

if u choose the right content, with die hard fans, and do exactly the same for one year straight, you can get 50/100k followers.

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