Pool: Running scrapers on same 4g as your clients

  1. Are you running your scrapers on same proxy (if it is 4g) as your clients accounts.

  2. How often do you add new scrapers on same proxies ?

  3. Do you create accounts or just connect them ?


  1. Yes, so far (4 months) it been doing well.
  2. Almost every day around 150 on 100 proxies.
  3. Mostly connect, lately start Creating also on same proxies.
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How do you get the same 4g as your client? I know there’s an Android app for that. But more seriously, how do you get them to agree to all the data charges they are going to be charged for, due to this.

We have 150GB here for 10$.
But I don’t use client’s IP but same IP for client and scraper using a USB stick+SIM.