Positioning yourself/agency Safely? How are you marketing?

Obviously there are a lot of us who have built recurring rev businesses, through this growth hacking circle on IG… I’m curious how other’s are positioning themselves within the market though. Are you building a long-term brand and diversifying into content creation/media buying/content management/influencer management to appear as a more full-service agency/Partner? Or are you putting the IG growth automation completely out there and not worrying so much?

I’m sure we all have different approaches, would love to hear the reasoning and maybe some interesting journey’s that IG has taken you down! The goal of this thread is to hopefully inspire some ideas on how we can learn from each other and utilize tactics to grow our business/attract more ideal clients.

  • I’ll Start!

I know this is my first post (Hello everyone! I welcome all Pity Likes to get my level up :slight_smile: ), but I got started piggybacking on crowdfire about 4 years ago when you could still follow/unfollow people there. Went on to build a simple chrome extension to automate it, and ultimately wound up building a full blown server based system right before IG removed their public API endpoints for followers and crowdfire had to pivot… lucked out. Figured out how to growth hack some lead gen at the right time via email marketing and found our team growing pretty quick… then customers started asking for other things, and I thought it was a great way to begin branding away from IG automation (safely incase something went wrong with the software I hacked together haha), and more as an IG partner for social…who happens to have an internal tool to grow accounts! So nothing was ever public around automation for us and I’m sure it segmented our ideal client… not sure if it was good or bad tbh, but I took the saf(er) road In my eyes to avoid any backlash from IG after some of the more public events years ago.

Since then, its been a rollercoaster! We now do the full digital agency model from IG growth to media buying to influencer campaigns and content creation… but the main driver is still IG growth as that is what makes clients happy across the board and gets awareness to their content we create and publish. I’ve had the software completely crash, lost a shit ton of clients, had to rebuild, diversify a lot, and transition too many times… but the journey and people I’ve met through this process has been an absolute blast!

Super excited to hear some other Journeys here and hopefully connect with many of you very soon!



Interesting read, I’ve been thinking about exactly this as I’m currently taking my first steps into the world of automation and client management.

In terms of self marketing IG growth services, how do you brand yourself? I assume you don’t open up about automation as the ideal solution until you meet customers? I can imagine there is a lot of mixed opinions about automation, f/u, etc among clients.

My journey is pretty simple:
I grew an interest in IG and photography 2 years ago after I started my three year bachelor in communication. I read just about everything I could get my hands on but I never found a source of info like this so it was for the most part blogs just repeating each other.

Found this forum three weeks ago. A bit worried I’m almost too late to the game but planning to go for it, build a personal brand and perhaps get into client management.


Awesome Doozy! You are definitely not too late to the game! There is another thread " Can’t find clients to grow their instagram accounts!

I talked about how I got started, Im sure others will too :slight_smile:


That’s great to hear! Thanks for sharing, people like you make this forum such an amazing place :blush:


I’m definitely the newbie here too! So many awesome people I’ve already connected and learned from… appreciative to be here and super excited! Thank you for the warm welcoming Doozy!


Welcome man! Really interesting read! The bit where you said you lost a shit ton of customers when software crashed, I feel you. Going through same stuff now, since had many PV’s for clients, unable to post plus shadowban. I feel I will lost those few that I managed to get in 3 months since I started. :smiley:

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Great read, keep up the hustle brotha! :+1::+1:

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Really great read, I love knowing these kind of stories. I don’t manage client’s accounts, but I do have my own, most of them are already grown to a good spot. On the beginning, I had lots of troubles figuring out most of the stuff related to proxies, settings, etc. Then came the part where I had to automate every thing that I could, because my operation became way too big for me to manage it manually. Now, I barely have any problems, and it’s actually getting boring, which I have never expected.


The unable to post I think is an IG glitch, it’s happening here and there for some of our clients too but no errors or blocks.

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That just means you can dive into something new :wink: What were some of the things you had to automate?

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Hey man,

Are you servicing clients? How is our automation set up?

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I see, so you are continuing with the automation without problems even though ocassionaly they can’t post?

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I’m already diving into something new. And I always try to automate every manual task, like getting posts and captions for example.

No, I don’t have clients, I can earn more with my own accounts. And my automation setup is just some Python scripts made by me.


Would LOVE to learn about the process/reasoning/filtering that brought you to successfully build that automation. I’ve been trying to think about how to best do that for some of our accounts, like @jumper_dc which just shares a bunch of Washington DC related foody posts and experiences around DC. DM me or maybe do a little guide for sorting content, would be super helpful! Gracias!!!


welcome! dude. great story you have. wish you the best of luck

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Thanks brotha! Excited to be here, truly appreciate the warm words!

You were right, all accounts magically working since today.

Lets see if it lasts!

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Yeah should be fine haha :slight_smile: