Positive vs negative words, is it a thing?

With Instagram as a platform for inspiration and visual content I do believe focusing on positivity is smart, but does Instagram track sentiment? I was sent this list:

While many factors are at play, it may be worth a thought, what type of words you use in general. I also found this tool to rate the sentiment of your writing.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it even something to care about?


Hmm you give me something to think about, I know for a fact Instagram doesn’t like words like “hack” or “free”, they automatically put your accounts under their investigation tab. About negative words, I have never tested them, but it would be pretty easy to test, use a few accounts where your username, bio and comments are all negative and see the results.

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I know that posts which provoke outrage generate more human attention and their algorithm solves for human attention more than it does keywords like above.

An offensive post about abortion is going to get more shares than a happy-go-lucky post on average. But of course most people don’t want to be offensive.

If you just want to generate buzz, being offensive is sometimes the best way to get shared, mentioned, etc. As long as you don’t talk about anything illegal because then you will actually get banned.

Solid point.
Though I do also believe to build a strong relation to your followers positivity is wise. If there is too much focus on heavy, negative and outrageous content they will tire or “burn out” eventually. It’s easier to keep them invested if you keep giving them that spark of feeling good.

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I don’t know about posts, but I use this type of list with negative words to filter out the accounts that I don’t want to follow with Jarvee.

Interesting, is there a special reason you filter out based on negative words? I’m all new to automation and doing some heavy research on scraping etc at the moment.

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Yeah, I do that in purpose.

Quite a few spammy accounts, bots or those with “questionable” content use those words in the bio so filtering them away improves the quality of the accounts that follow you back.

There is an option in Follow setting that allows you to do that. I got a list of words somewhere from the internet.


That makes a lot of sense, thank you!

No problem at all. Let me know if you would like that list.

I’d love to have that, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

No worries. I have Dm you.

I am not sure where the credit for the list goes to be honest as I might find it here or somewhere else.

You have to take NICHE into account.

If your niche is breakups / relationship advise / depression / mental issues / social issues / health issues or anything else that falls into “issue and struggles” - positivity is not something your audience might connect to.

Positive vs negative cannot be generalized.

Plus, there is a big difference between spam words (what @Wsiolek is talking about). Incest and homoerotic is not even in the same universe as headache, failure and painful.


Good point. I’ve been to absorbed into the self-help and motivation niche so I think too much in terms of that. Hopefully this lovely community can beat some sense into my one-sided view.

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Could you dm me the list as well? Thanks in advance


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I heard some people using hashtags that convey the emotion to get better reach. Maybe that’s the thing.

I guess it is really all about niche like what @MojoJojo said. Some keywords are quite sensitive.

Me too. Thanks!

No worries, done.

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