Possible IG Change? Mandatory PV?

Just wondering if anyone has created accounts today? If so, have you noticed an immediate request for phone verification after the initial signup screen?

I hadn’t created any accounts since last week, but have set up 5 this morning. Each of them required immediate phone verification.

All accounts created with fresh cellular IPs.

After the first two, I thought perhaps IG didn’t like my email domains anymore, so on the 3rd one I used a new Gmail account. Same thing.

Thought perhaps they had a good fingerprint on my machine. Booted up another box with a live DVD, connected to Verizon, same thing.

Thought perhaps they had fingerprinted me on Verizon. Used the live DVD again & connected via AT&T. Same thing.

Maybe it just isn’t my day, but I’m wondering if this going to end up being a new requirement for all new accounts?


I’ve created 2 accounts today and both doesn’t require PVA.
What email domains do you used?
So far in creating accounts myself, I only used two providers which are gmail or hotmail.
I usually have success with gmail accounts better.
I’m not sure if there’s a new requirement for it though :confused:(I hope not)

I verified all of them, so I’m good… but must just be my day to get PV.

I was using domains I owned, which I’ve previously used without problems on IG & Facebook. Never used them to spam or anything. Also used a Gmail account.

Thanks for the info

Well maybe just not our day too :confused:
Four of my account got their first PVA after months even though I’ve been sticking to safe settings and no links at all.
Guess just a bad day man.
Hope everything work out well for you!

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I don’t think there is such a thing. When you are using automation software, the risk is there from day 1.

Agree with you man. But what I meant was kinda low settings if I could put correctly :sweat_smile: