Possible Jarvee IP leak

OK, so I have recently moved Jarvee to a Greencloud VPS by installing jarvee onto the VPS, moving the backup file and restoring from the backup on the VPS.

Now all my regular and client accounts have been working without an issue beforehand most of them using EB.

About 5 hours after changing to VPS I get blocks all over the place, phone verifications and email verifications.

During that time:

  • I haven’t changed any settings
  • all proxies were working correctly without an issue
  • all the settings remained the same when I checked them after restoring from backup

I know it could be a reach but is there a chance that Jarvee is leaking the IP address of the VPS (or any other machine for that matter) to the actual IG accounts even when the automation is done through the proxy? If not what do you think could be an issue?

It would surely explain a lot of our problems with the block waves. What are your thoughts?


I noticed PV’s on some aswell. Looked like a PV random wave but cant say why. It might be because i activated some resting account to start EB only since they stopped a week before doing api

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Nothing weird on my side. Been with greencould since forever.


I am also getting huge numbers of PV, and even when I confirm them and don’t do any actions on accounts, they get PV next day, so Instagram is pushing really hard to make things harder daily…

I am not saying greencloud is the reason for the issue, what I am saying is that everything worked fine before and I havent changed any settings only moved Jarvee to a vps so an ip leak to IG could be possibly the reason as I cant really think of anything else causing it. Almost all of my accounts are blocked now

Now if Jarvee is leaking the ip of the computer that is using it then no wonder we are getting blocked all over the place

Sometime when you re-validate lots of accounts in a short span of time, that ban trigger PVs.

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Good point, but i honestly doubt it I havent validated most of these accounts in at least a 3-4 weeks

It can’t be an IP leak as you would have activity in different IP and you would get emailed. It’s highly unlikely pretty much impossible. Also instagram knows your on Jarvee as everyone that uses it has the same ig_sig_key and they know it’s a bot on the API as there are no mouse movements.

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