Possible Szenarios when a simcard gets inactive?

Hi Guys,

I am interrested how you handle it when a simcard you have used to verify an account gets inactive !

Would be great if you could share your experience with that.

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Hey, as Instagram doesn’t matter if you use different numbers to verify one account, I just use a new SIM card :slight_smile:


There’s a special case when they want you to use same number… But that’s really really rare.

If you buy PV account and login through new IP, you will be asked to do phone verification by using number that was used for PV before. Luckily, they also offer another option, email verification.

And this is why buying PV accounts is nonsense.


Do you just recommending making your own? then waiting a week to warm up pretty much?

I recommend buying aged non pva accounts, so you can verify them yourself easily.

Fuck it, I should stop spending money till i make some XD #setupmyownacciguess.jpg