Possible to add clickable image BEFORE video is public (YouTube)?

I mainly use MP to create clickable images to our videos on YouTube - which works fine - they look neat (the pic quality not that good, though :)). Problem: When setting the YouTube-video from “private” to “public” - I want to have a good clicable post ready to immediately post to Facebook. As we are to publish now - how do we do it? Is it possible - will MP be able to fetch the information and scrape it to facebook BEFORE a video is public? Is it better to have it “not listed”?

The thing about having the video for days “private” is for YouTubes alogrithms to go true it and monetize it. We have been given that demonetization flag A LOT for nothing wrong. It is like their algorithms are specially aware our channel. It is good and quality content (brag brag, but it is). Best Mads. Hope for answers.