Possible to earn with CPA without lying/misleading?

It seems like the methods used for making money on CPA with IG is to promise a giveaway or chance to win in the bio or DM, or sending visitors to a landing page promising the same. The giveaway or chance to win is in exchange for some action that we get paid for. But the giveaway is a fiction. For example, the free IG followers niche. Does this ever happen? I tried it out once on OGAds and it led to endless surveys. I highly doubt OGAds has any ability to add followers anyway, and I doubt they follow through on any of their other LP promises. And for those promising giveaways, no one ever ‘wins’ these, right?

I realize no following your links is getting hurt or losing money by this. Other than wasting their time, it’s just a harmless white lie. But is there any IG+CPA method that doesn’t require require misleading so many people? I don’t want to judge anyone who is doing this. I’d just prefer to avoid it. It’s why I’ve not gotten into CPA very heavily yet.


No, they’re all lies. You aren’t going to win a gift card or get followers or whatever… because even if you managed to finish all of the surveys, you’d find nothing was there.

The CPA networks all have disclaimers that this sort of behavior is not allowed, but no one pays attention. It’s just to cover their asses.

You know what I’ve found to be more valuable than these CPA offers?

Create a legit landing page, really give away something of value (for instance, you can get cool drones, cameras - whatever on aliexpress for next to nothing) & have people register to win by submitting their email address.


Forget those bogus CPA offers. Collect email addresses & monetize the hell out of them.


Cpa is not only these email zip submits. Look at maxbounty offers , some of them are dating site registrations , free trials and etc.

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Yes, MaxBounty, that’s what I’ve used in the small amount of CPA work I’ve done. The have email submits as well, but it seems not to convert as well as people here are saying they get from OGAds. Some are saying email submits don’t work so well with IG traffic. As for the others, dating sites, free trials, those usually involve a cost or a credit card or something that makes the conversion rate much lower.

I know the old IM saying “the money is in the list”. But that usually just works for weight loss and MMO, maybe a few others. IG’s audience is generally young, I’m not sure how well the email list marketing works with them. Anyway, I haven’t had much luck with list marketing. It’s not that hard to build a list, but making money from it seems to be a lot of work.

You could find a way of actually giving them followers,iPhone,Amazon giftcards,etc

I don’t think I’d make much money giving away iPhones. Anyway, the systems aren’t set up like that. I don’t know who completes the survey or not.

I think giving away a report or a case study will do the trick as well.

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its all depending on you, you are the one responsable to make it true or a lie.
let’s take the followers niche as an example, if the customers finished the challenges and completed the offers, you can offer a redirect to a page where they can watch some videos to increase videos, offer them a PDF file for download for free and so on

Unless I’m very mistaken, after a visitor clicks on my landing page, they are in the hands of OGAds or whichever else CPA network I use. After that, I have no control over what they get. I have no ability to know who completed the survey, install, etc., so I have no way of giving them anything. It would be possible to create a landing page with a callback from a network setup to transfer the visitor to my thank you page where I collect their information and them send them something. But even then, the promise of a report or video isn’t going to convince them to take the action. I don’t know if you’ve seen OGAds or the other guys landing pages, but they make it appear that followers are being added right then, and all they have to do is perform an action to unlock it. Honest content locking might work in some niches where people want actual information, like the IM or MMO niche, but those don’t really work well with IG traffic. It might works with pets or something, but I’m not hopeful enough to waste all that time on it. I’d be in competition with everyone with a slicker promise and no commitment.

There are content lockers, link lockers, product lockers on some of CPA networks. You can use them to lock real content.

I used link locker to lock the link to movie streaming website. It worked fine. I wasn’t misleading the visitors and they would be redirected to movie streaming website after completing the offer.

I did the same with soccer matches live streams. I remember el classico Real Madrid - Barcelona couple of years ago… Earned 300+ just from that game :slight_smile: but I was first on Google for some good keywords.

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You are wrong. When creating locker in OGads, there is an option “redirect to URL” after user completes required action. I redirect them to another CPA network with a real offer (trying to be moral and milk them one more time, win-win).

Other then email cpa like free trials and so.on have lower conv rate youre right but also bigger payout so it depends on your targeting :wink: other then that not everyone wants ig followers so its your task to find thouse who might need it same goes with cpa with real value.

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