Post does not publish on instagram

Im reposting to Draft/Campaign and when i publish the post does not publish on instagram… using EB only any idea what might be wrong?

Erro 51

The faster way to find out what is happening is to go to Dashboard, visit the Summary tab and put your mouse cursor on the red yes that is related to this error.

Also, you can open EB and watch what is happening inside and why you are getting that issue. Also, you can try switching back to API and try posting with API.

if you have this option checked you won’t be able to post successfully

It seems you have desktop EB user agent in the account’s advanced profile settings which made Jarvee can’t find the upload button. You should go to Advanced settings, remove the embedded browser user agent and click on anywhere outside of the EB UA field to let Jarvee generate the correct EB User Agent (mobile) that matches the API UA you have. This is an example of a correct EB UA: