Post Instagram Stories with Jarvee

Hey Guys,

I downloaded a few Niche Related Stories and I want to post them to my Instagram Accounts via Jarvee. Is this still impossible when using EB only? I searched for good guides besides the Jarvee Original Guides but I did not find that much about it.

Therefore I would like to know if anyone got a descent guide on how Story Posting works via Jarvee.

Thanks to everyone in advance and have a nice day! <3


Try this method for Stories posting
" To post a swipe up link in the story, add the link in the post text (caption) – Works only for accounts that have the function enabled. To tag users in your story, go to CAMPAIGN –> Overview Tab –> ADVANCED SETTINGS –> Instagram Tab and check tag specific users and add the users you want to tag there."

Thanks for the reply. I dont want to add a link or anything to my Stories. I just want to preedit the Videos and add a text to it… to check my Bio thats the only thing that I am aiming for.

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I was trying to schedule one story post and I also added 1 Account to the Destination List but the Campagin is INACTIVE and I am getting this Error when I pres Publish Now on the Posts List.


On where to publish I did choose 1 Account and on the Destination Lists there is also the same Account in it.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance

You probably forgot to check the box in Wall/Profile column

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It’s not possible to post stories using the embedded browser. Your account has to use API. Also, the only way to add text in your story is by using the watermark feature.

Go to Campaign Overview, and check “enable watermark”:

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Thank you for your helpful answers @ossi

Is it possible to post the Stories with API but have the other tasks remain on EB Only? If so, which Setting I should use for it?

I don’t want to use any watermark, I am going to pre edit the Videos and put them into my Story and repeat them after 3-4 days again. Would this be a red flag if you upload the same Story again after 2-3 days without changing it?

Thank you for your answer in advance <3

Posting with Jarvee causing a lot of issues, did you try to contact the support?

Make sure you have ‘USE ONLY EB (do not use API)’ unchecked under the account’s Advanced Profile Settings, then use these instead for the other tools you’d like to run via EB

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What kind of issues are you having exactly?