Post isnt working correctly?


Today I posted a post with a shared link (from my FB page). I saw that the post is marked as “spam”. I can choose between “No Spam” or “Secure my account”…

How can I fix that? Changing Link? Changing what…? I just posted today 1 link in a group and make some other activity (likes, posting in my profile with no links,…)
The problem is: I cant change link anymore when I posted it on my FB page.

Other thing: I notice that not many people click on my links (but in last weeks there was many clicks)… Is this the reason that my posting is not visible for all? If I search for the posting I made I can find it in the group…

Sorry for my bad English.

Facebook doesn’t like your like I guess. Are you able to use different domain?

FB probably doesn’t like your link or your text. Or something that the website contains (i.e. redirect to CPA offer script, interstitial app install etc…) so they automatically mark your post as spam. The audience is only you.

I tried then another text with another link with SAME domain - there it works…
For first post I used shortener and then my own shortener ( (this works now current better than links --> anyone can proof that?

with my url shortener I made 2,500+ clicks in around 2 hours (with around 6 posts at all !!). With my links it is very low since some days with “many” posts!!

What might happen is that messes up something. Sometimes, when I click on shortened link, I just get the message the link is broken. Could that be the reason you got less visits with shortened links? Have you tried clicking them, see where they’ll redirect you?

Hi adnan. No not really. All my links was available to visit.

How to “fix” the thing when I am posting something and I get a notification (if I search for my post) if its a Spam or not? I posted it the first time…

Now I get a notifications in my support box… lol

Its deleted for “displaying nudity”… but no porn image or something like that…