Post Missing after reactivation?

My page was reactivated and there are ALOT of pictures and videos that are missing! Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way I can get them back?

I guess you were reposting someone’s posts and got reported. That caused ban and posts to be deleted.


I had the same issue, and Everything I posted was my material. Even post of my family at the cemetery was removed, I don’t understand why

Did you contact ig? How do you fix it

No my friend told me to wait a few days, they might come back they might not

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I had the same issue

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And did you solve it somehow?

have your posts came back? i reactivated my account last saturday after like 4 days of being deactivated and a good majority of my posts are gone. ive had over 10k posts on my account and now only around 200 remain…

ive heard of other people deactivating again and all their missing posts come back but im afraid if i do that they will forever be gone.

No they haven’t

Interesting, how can they delete personal photo, except reposting someone else photo.

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Finally, I got my all missing post today. just a update!!



I had the same problem. Do you have more informations ?

Thank you.


I stopped to post on my account during 3 days. My pictures reappeared today. I dont know why but all seems good now…

hi im having the same issue. will the pictures come back? is there any chance it wont? i really hope it is surely coming back. the missing post is my favorite

How did the issue got resolved
how did you got your photos back ?

Wait for few days, photos will appear automatically.

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