Post Not Showing Up in Hashtag Search

When searching for a hashtag that I used in my post, my post is not showing up. This problem should not be a Banned Hashtag problem because I checked the hashtags that I used using a banned hashtag checker and they all were valid. Any ideas as to why my posts are not showing up?

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I am sorry… But you are maybe Shadowbanned… Good luck :sweat_smile:

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Is there any way to check whether my account is shadowbanned?

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It’s a solid indicator bro :sweat_smile:

How many hashtags are you using?

Does the post don’t show only in one hashtag or in all of them?

When I search for the account name, it shows up, so I don’t think I’m completely shadow banned by IG. Although, I am in the adult niche, so that could be why posts aren’t showing up in the Hashtag Search. But then again, there are countless amounts of posts that are way more explicit than mine, but they show up on the Hashtag Search…

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Did you have a PV lately?

in the past this worked, not sure if its still valid though