Post removed due to "commerce violation? WTF is it?

completely no idea what is wrong with Instagram, although I know their censorship is nonsense like shit.

Any ideas or advices are appreciated.

My business accounts are always getting banned and Im pretty afraid of losing this one too

You can check their Commerce Eligibility Requirements and check what wrong things are you doing:

Yeah, you can click on the drop down arrow for the commerce guidelines then, of course, read through it. Usually for IG, they allow you to tell them if you disagree with their decision.

How did the post look like? Have you changed any of your posting patterns?

is that a brand promotion that you did? does that product belong to any specific company or is it your’s?

It usually happen when you u have a brand that looke alike another brand so u get flagged as a replica

Did only 1 post get removed? If so, the issue is probably on the caption/misleading information. Try comparing the post caption to other posts that don’t get removed, see if you can find any difference that might have caused that issue,

Have you tried to request a review regarding the violation? This might help clarify everything. Sometimes, they do content removal by mistake.