Postcron Blocked on IG and Facebook

There is some problem these days with Postcron app blocked on Facebook, they even deleted posted posts from all accounts.
They deleted even Postcron Fb page.
Today noticed that Postcron can’t post anymore also on Instagram.
Is this the next target of Fb.
Stopping automation services? +
Hootsuite is working though, no problem

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since when?
This is the first time i heard bout this.

Two days now that fb stopped.
Today also IG stopped

Is this the next target of Fb.
Stopping automation services?

Better you should contact them personally if you’re customer of them. They will tell you more about it. Such a service can’t be closed because they’re using original Facebook API. It’s not complete automation service like Jarvee, which can also post comments or join groups or accept friends …It’s just a private service which I think works under facebook policy. If their facebook app is restricted due to some user post invalid content, then they might face temp issue, but they will remove such a user, and will ask for review again to Facebook team and they will be back again. Still you should contact them for more information. But as I said it’s not complete automation service, it’s just post content by using original API.

I did for the Facebook and they’re trying to solve it but I see today they have also IG problem.

Not working here either, can’t find it as a selection on FB.

Hey guys, got this email from PostCron:

We would like to inform that the Postcron APP has been temporarily restricted by Facebook and therefore all posts published through Postcron are being hidden from the Pages’ timeline, but are still kept in the network database.

We are deeply surprised by this measure, as we are approved by Facebook and we are absolutely sure that we are following all the guidelines and rules imposed by the network API.

We are already in contact with Facebook, waiting for more details on what happened, so that we can reestablish our activities in this social network as soon as possible.

We are keen to understand whether the restriction on Postcron is directly related to Facebook’s API instability and we believe that once it’s all reestablished the posts will be displayed again on all Pages.

Meanwhile, the whole Postcron team is focused on solving the problem and we are committed to keeping you up-to-date on the evolution of the case.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for all the inconvenience this may cause.

Help from Postcron

That’s from yesterday

Hi Guys, seems that we have good news!!

Help from Postcron

Service update:
Instagram service will be restored next week. We are still testing some functionalities and we will send instructions on the new mechanics. Thanks for the patience and understanding!

FB page is still there, but the link is different:

Their serivces will be available soon, no worries :slight_smile:

Good news ppl!

The Instagram service will be restored on Wednesday 7/3 at 2pm EST, which means that:

From now on, the posts will be published through notifications. Here you have instructions to keep on using Instagram without problems.
We increased the posting limit for Instagram to 140 posts per day.
In your dashboard, you will see all your Instagram accounts reactivated and you will be able to add new ones.
And most importantly, you can publish posts on Instagram on both the feed and stories!

On behalf of the entire Postcron team, we thank you for your patience and understanding during the past few days when the service wasn’t properly available and the response times weren’t the usual due to the overload in our support channels. That is why we want to offer you a Free Month. All you have to do is click here and redeem your coupon.

Thank you so much for your patience during these days and specially for trusting us!
Best Regards!

I have to say what good customer service! !!!

So no more direct posting , time to get back to hootsuite :frowning: