Posting a picture and reel at the same time

Hello, i have a quote page where i post the famous quotes of thinkers. I first build the picture-only version of the quote, and then add a 15 sec long music to it. After this i post the picture and post the video as “reel”

So posting the same thing at the same time. But reel gets more engagement.

Is this good?

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Unbiased, it’s getting more engagement.

Is that good to you?

If one gets more than the other, do you need both?

yes, people must see posts when they first enter. Reels are not shown, they are in another tab

Since, reel is a new IG Feature, it gets higher chances that it sees by majority of your followers as compare to post. Yet it depends on Early engagement And content of course .

About Reel is not showing on feed, You can Turn on the Show it on my profile option in reel and make it seen. I also get quire page and my average views are 40k on reel whereas my post get average 30k reach.