Posting at OFF Peak hours? 🤔

Posting at off peak hours, early in the morning (ie 2am Eastern) for better engagement was a theory until I tested It across a few accounts of mine and the results are very interesting.

I found that these posts actually did 50-100% better than posts normally would if I posted at peak times during the day.

Has anyone else noticed this trend? The theory was that there’s less competition at off peak times, and so the post would be seen by more.

And It actually works that way :scream:

Here’s an example. Posted this at 2:30 am, no hashtags, on an account with 29k followers, which usually gets 1,500 likes on a post avg.


Interesting theory, however you would realy need to define “Off Peak”, test on multiple posts and run this across a larger scale of postings to really test drive your theory.

I would be really interested to see your demographic was the post really off peak or were you actually posting when your followers were active ? Always nice to hear people innovating, keep us updated the more you run this trial.


Wow @OneLifeToLive those results are enough to convince me. Have you tested this with video content as well? I’d be interested to hear your findings.

I have tested this somewhat extensively and my conclusion is that it really depends on the niche. Sometimes it works, but most of the times it doensn’t make a significant difference.

But on the flip side at 2 AM a lot less of your followers should be online. So by the time they get to their accts at 8 AM, your post have been buried down by the peak hour posts.

It is something everyone should test on their own, but I haven’t found it to be that big of deal.


Ideally I would love to see somewhat more data on this ‘test’ to confirm it. For instance:

  • geo and demography of your followers (and timezone)
  • the userlist who liked that post and the speed in which they liked it

Reasoning behind at least taking this data in consideration is that, 2am might be an off peak time for you as a poster, it might be a peak time in the time zone of your followers :slight_smile:

It’s off peak for my followers. That’s why I mentioned off peak lol

that makes sense. Glad you tested this already. I’ll just go with your conclusion.

How do you access the Instagram Insights?

@adidam You need to switch to a business profile. The sooner you start being able to analyze insights, the sooner you can start seeing what is working/failings.


Yes. But what are the steps to do so?

Are you using Facebook Account to turn your Instagram to Business Profile?

Yes @adidam, but if you don’t already have one that you want to link the Instagram account to you can create a new one when you want to convert to business account. It’ll be in the setting section on Instagram and you’ll be able to convert within 10 minutes or so tops. Just a matter of following through the steps when prompted.

The main reason for this is so that you have a Facebook account linked to your IG so they can start prompting you to run facebook ads if you want to. It allows Facebook to push facebook ads in a metric driven fashion.


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This does look very interesting, but I do wonder if this is something that happens consistently or just an anomally