Posting Links in facebook

Hi Guys… i can not post any link in facebook not even in my wall! Also not on fb groups or pages. I want to promote a product but i can not promote the link and ridirect people to my landing page… can you guys help me with this?? Thxx

What kind of message FB shows when you try to post your link? Is it blocked?

Its a bitly link and is saying unsafe link…

that could mean either bitly is banned (you are banned from using it), or the forwarded link is banned.

test that link in your own account to see if its account level block or link level block

if you do not want to risk your account sharing, use


Probably the domain bitly is redirecting to is banned, if that’s the case you will need to set up a new domain, you can get cheap domain names ( .club for example ) from namecheap.

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Which is the proper way to share a link?

I tested that link in my account and its not working… while other links are working… so what should i do. Should i open another bitly account…

Tested both links? With and without bitly?

You need to test all links whether its a redirect or not.

Also, opening a new bitly doesnt make any difference.

Facebook doesn’t like certain type of links, especially affiliate and promotion type of links… It’s because they want to make you pay for promotion when posting those kind of links by buying facebook ads… If you are getting message from Facebook that your link cannot be posted, it’s because facebok doesn’t allow that kind of link to be posted in that way… Shortening link with and trying to hide it like that from facebook is not the solution, because facebook can follow through that link and see your final destination link. So you need to find another way to try to post it… You can try with buying a fresh domain and redirecting to your promotion link, but chances are since your link got blocked first time that the same thing would happen soon with new domain as well… So other things you can try is to search on this board and find different methods people are using for posting links on facebook and instagram both. Just look for those methods and try them out until you find the one working for you… Those kind of tricks consists of using either some kind of pre-landers to confuse the facebook/instagram crawlers or some kind of redirect code or cloaking…