Posting on facebook the safe way

Since i haven’t really contributed anything on here, i figured i give a bit of information on how campaigns have been doing for me for the past year and a half and trends i have been seeing that have worked. SHARING IS CARING as they say lol =)

When it comes to sharing a post or uploading a post to a group these are the settings that i have seen work the best:

First of all you want to keep your text shorter than 2 sentences. Write 5 different combinations spinned text of those 2 sentences and then combine to do ONE COMBINED DEEP NESTED SPIN
For my settings i usually do it from 300-500 seconds

When it comes to sharing to groups you do not want to exceed more than 15 per day (This is for SHARING FROM A PAGE)

For UPLOADING to a group,you do not want to exceed more than 25 per day

these settings have been the sweet spot for me for almost 2 years.

This is very short information but i hope is on point ans useful the rest of the settings or info are pretty well explained on here for warming up accounts etc that i dont need to go over, thanks again guys! and keep sharing your wisdom!


Just about to test out the FB portion for the first time. Thanks for the share.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us :slight_smile:

I am around 20 posts a day to groups so can imagine 25 is the absolute limit for aged accounts with wall posting and other actions

@Oscar really nice share, it’s never too short or not important, everything you share will definitely help someone.

There are very good limits and if you hand pick the groups you post to they can work very well, good job.

It’s not the absolute limit, it really depends on the account and how you’ve been using it, but it is indeed a good limit.

I don’t want to give you any bad idea, but just to back up my statement of not being the absolute limit here’s one of mine:

One fb account, posting to groups daily. As I said, the way you’ve been using it matters though, this account used to post in 1000 groups back in the day when that was possible, now it’s a lot lower but still decent.

how many wall posts is that account doing and how old is it?

Wall posts between 20 - 50, was doing around 80 some time ago. As for age, 5+ years

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thank you Adnan =)

Making money on Facebook is easy, if so, how much do you need?

nothing is easy, if it was then everyone will do what we do, in my experience CPA is extremely difficult as far as makign a profit, i would recommend managing clients social media, at 100 or 200 a month, you need 100 of those and you are at 10,000 a month maybe 20,000 i handle 100 facebook accounts, i dont need cpa, now im going to do instagram

sharing is good we all need to help each other on here

Nice share. We have the same setting :smiley: I’m always using shareposts though if I’m posting links. Here’s why

oh really? lol how funny thanks yeah i guess if people try different things eventually they’ll find it =)

Glad I find this but even 25 sound a bit too much 15 per day is very reasonable

Thank you, I’m just immersed in the world of FB :slight_smile:

this is 2 years ago. Do not try to post that much with one account. If you did let me know how it goes.