Posting on Instagram with proxy

Hello, I recently got 5 proxies.
I can use the proxies on my browser easily. However instagram usually only allows you to post photos through your phone.
So this leads me to a few questions

  • Can you use the proxy through your phone?
  • Is the instagram posting module from massplanner the best way to go?
  • Are there any other good ways to post photos on instagram accounts that are running on proxies?

Don’t recommend to use browser, IG is designed for mobile phones, and for me using browser is ask for trouble.
But if you decide to use proxies in browser, just check if your IP is not leaking. Be aware of your WebRTC settings…

Hi thank you for your reply. How do you check whether your IP is leaking and what does this mean?
Thank you

Actions executed on IG within MP is done via API, it makes IG think that you are posting from IG app on your phone, so if you are running the IG acct on MP, then you can post from MP as well.

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No, you can use a VPN, you can use the proxy on your PC though. The embedded browser built into MP will do this automatically for you.

I love the posting module. It’s worth the $9.99 a month for MP alone.

There are many ways. Stop the tools running when you are going to be posting from a phone or from any of the web based programs out there.


Would posting through bluestacks be a solution? I don’t know too much about the program, are you able to set up a proxy with it?

Yes, here’s a guide on how to, there are better ones a Google search away.

so ive decided just to do everything manually on my iphone and not use jarvee because of all the bans and blocks they did so I was wondering what is your opinion if I should get a vpn or proxy and I will have 5 accounts on my iphone and I log out of instagram completely then I take off the vpn/proxy then enter the new vpn/proxy then open up instagram and log into my other account… do you think it will be safe for each account to do this? what would your opinion be on this