Posting same pictures across 50 IG accounts?

I’ve been doing it on 5 accounts, posting 3 random times a day for weeks. No issues. I added 10 more accounts to the campaign and all accounts got banned.

Only posting pics. My spin was good except for one big mistake which was that the first word of every post was always the same… I hope that is what made IG catch me because if that’s not the issue then I have no clue what is.

Are you changing the pictures in any way, they will see it if you post the same exact image all over…

I have 8 different pics that I rotate. So they are actually scanning the pixels on the picture and not just relying on the hash? I assume changing one pixel is not enough as MP should have such a function if it would work.

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Mp does have such a fuction, I was asking if you’re using it or not :stuck_out_tongue: it’s called unique images and it does change the image enough so it’s not recognizable. However you should change the images from time to time not post them over and over on the same 50 accounts.

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Where do I find the unique images setting? I can’t find it. :open_mouth:

I found out a huge mistake and I blame it on me when I copied some settings between two campaigns. I had set the time to post 3 times a day at the same time across all accounts… I should’ve double checked that.

I don’t want to burn any more accounts but don’t you think I should be able to post the same pics across 50 accs?

You can find the setting to make unique images in campaign - advanced settings - “make images unique before they are posted” .

You should be able to post one image to 50 accounts, but ideally only once or twice no each and every day to all 50, change images from time to time.

As a word of advice, before you start doing this on a large scale and considering that it seems you’re not too familiar with all the settings and functions in MP, I’d advise you to spend a couple of days with setting 2-3 accounts and learning the software first. It will save you a lot of headache going further.


I’m very familiar with MP, just did a newbie mistake. I can not find the setting:

I’m rotating between 8 different images but you say that’s not going to be enough? What if I say I want to post the images on 300 accounts, how would I proceed?

How much would it help if I’d use this function in order to make the images posted on each account at least a little bit more unique than posting exactly the same images to across all accs?

Hmm, that means you don’t have the unique images extra module, as it’s an extra module not included in the standard edition.

The “Send one post for each destination” will work if you have 50 posts in the post list each with a different image.

Oh, I better get that module then.

I mean even with only 8 different posts it should only post about 6 of the same images instead of 50. Wouldn’t that be enough?

If they notice the same image they will know something fishy is going on. “It might be enough” is not good enough if you ask me given that Ig tracks so many things and bans accounts when you don’t even expect I’d say you should make 100% sure you leave no footprints if there’s something you can do about it.

Also, that feature doesn’t actually work like that, if you have a destination with 50 accounts and you select that, you will need to actually have 50 posts in the post list and it will pick one each time and post it. If you only have 8, you can enable re-add post to the post list after it’s posted…but see what I said above, better safe than sorry :slight_smile: at least if you do that have the unique images enabled.