Posting Viral Content from Reddit

Hi, I’m new here and this is my first post.

I’m not sure if anyone does this but I would like to share one way of how I handpick top performing content to post on my Instagram pages. This should work with any niche that has a related subreddit.
So if I want to find a meme that has performed well before on Reddit, I go to and input the subreddit “memes” and sort the time to All. This would sort every Reddit post from best to worst from any time in the past. Of course, you can also set a filter for how many results you want as well as minimum upvotes/comments.

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It would be nice, if there is a way to automate this. So for example: New Post hit 5k Upvotes => it will be repost on IG

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exactly, like the repost tool of jarvee but which extracts posts from reddit

Good to know, but quite hard to change type of post for instagram!
Btw thank you for your sharing

Actually there is a way to do this.

You can use IFTTT ( to source content from Reddit for you Instagram accounts. The way I do it is connect my scraping reddit account with a Dropbox account and set it to download the post inside a certain Niche folder in that Dropbox. I also set up the name of the image to match the title of the post as some subreddits have perfect descriptions for the image. Then, depending on the activity of the subreddit you could be getting up to 10 images daily (maybe more if the subreddits are much more active and suit your needs for content). There is also the option in Jarvee (if you are using that software to post content) to connect it with a certain folder (you want that folder to be the one where IFTTT stores the Reddit Images) and you could just add creative spintax to create descriptions (this is in cases where the title of the Reddit post isn’t fitting).

Voila, now you have trending content from reddit scheduled directly to your Instagram accounts!