Posting with Jarvee results in PV

Hi all,

Recently, I discovered that using the campaigns on Jarvee results in my accounts getting phone verifications. The accounts run on 4G.
I’ve been doing sort of A/B testing where I have some accounts posting and others not. Only the ones posting are getting phone verifications.

Has anyone also encountered this?



Are you doing reposts or posting original content?

maybe your content is being traced?
A stupid and easy test would be, make a photo of a ig image with your phone, upload it to drive and upload it from jarvee.
the image will be horrible, but if it go trought, you know where the leak it.

I’m using repost with making images unique + adding watermark

Well, the thing is that the phone verifications seem to happen when the accounts are in night mode only for those which have posted. So the posts always go through, but the phone verification happens while accounts are “sleeping” or when they sync right after night mode.

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Are those accounts new or aged? Might be their trust score doesn’t allow to do posting, but the actions like F/UF still do well

I’ve noticed the opposite :joy:

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They’re about 1 month old. Yeah, it could be the trust score, but the weird thing is that they do allow posting. They just ask for phone verification overnight when they are in night mode or when they sync, right after night mode ends.

Even i noticed the same.

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Try stop using global night mode. I have heard others draw a correlation between using night mode and PVs

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Thanks. Yes, I’ll try stopping night mode :slight_smile:

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please update the thread with your results!

Yes, will do!

Try reposting to campaign and see if that helps. Direct repost seems to lead to PV in jarvee.


I had three banned accounts for using the repost tool. Now I’m not 100% sure this was the reason behind the ban. While there are so many factors involved, this seems to be the prime suspect since everything else was safe.

I was scared to use it for months now, but I find it indispensable and I’m ready to give it another try. Fingers crossed!

Good luck! I would recommend testing by having some accounts post and others not. That way you can check if posting is what disables them

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Do you have any links in bio?

Nope. I have no links in bio

How did you create your accounts?
Were those created using a 4G connection or you bought them?

I remember having posting issues with PV from some accounts that I bought from a provider when doing some testing.

Yeah, some providers aren’t good. I created these using 4G connection on an android phone though