Posts are hitting explore page but doesn't stay for long

Hello everyone.
I have an account and every post of it hits the explore page but it doesn’t get good response from explore page. I mean post gets to the explore page but it doesn’t show posts to more than 5 or 10 people.

That means it isn’t staying in explore page for longer?

What can i do to get my page more reach in explore page.


You have to think about how you can get more of those people who are seeing it to engage. It’s not about how many likes you get overall, it’s about what % of those people who IG showed your post to on the explore actually engaged. Did they like? Did they share it? Save it? All factors to consider.

Try using a call to action telling them to share the post with a friend or tag a friend.


Thanks I’ll try that.
I’m getting 300 500 likes every post but no comments. A few shares / saves, Yes.

My niche is fashion / lifestyle. Could you send me a few good accounts in this niche using such strategies which i can follow?

Appreciate the response, thanks Laurence

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Your post caption should make people want to engage with your post.

how do you usually write caption? do you put some question in it?

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Yes i do put question in the caption.
Also my account isn’t reaching to new people it almost get 10k to 20k reach and only 2 or 3% are those who aren’t following me.
Why is that bro?

also keep in mind, you can’t always expect be in GOD MODE (aka constantly hitting high numbers from explore) - as I heard @Alexnvo say before. It fluctuates. Pick up on the rhythms.


it is a rough time, my 41 accounts only 5 are gaining daily. This started January 1. I saw deep drops in all areas. It has been really bad the last 2 months. Most are just holding at levels at the start of the year.
Even last year it only lasted 3 months, this year is longer. COVID is taking a toll. It will get better --History shows.


Same for me as well. I’m tempted to just stop posting for a little bit


if you stop the odds are very good, you will never start up again. just saying.

You’re perceptive. It crossed my mind to just walk away. My account is growing, but for what purpose. Eventually everyone will just have to pay for reach

why are you in the game if you don’t know why you started in the first place?

not if you have decent or big accounts – hell, i buy it if you want to quit( joking of course) and use those account for other reasons.

but in all honestly – ‘everybody will have to pay for reach’ you know thats a lie


It might just be a feed slump as you said. Hopefully it will pick up. I agree I need to find a way to monetize my account

lets say it is not a slump. I ask you to think about this –
the ones with the networks ( and or a few decent sized account ) are in a better position to grow/make money) than the ones who quit. There is a shitload of people who want to grow or promote product.


Spiting Mark Suckerberg is motivation enough to not give up.

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