Posts Not Showing Up in Hashtags (including my own hashtag) after glitch deleted all of my posts

Hi All,

About a month ago, my Instagram asked me to verify my account with my phone number and after doing so, all my posts and stories were deleted. A couple hours later, everything re appeared, but none of my old posts were showing up in hashtags anymore. This has happened multiple times. The repeated asking for verification may have been due to the use of JARVEE, but regardless it has been at least two full weeks of stopped JARVEE use and my new posts are still not showing up in hashtags. I’ve reported the issue through Instagram multiple times and still no solving of the issue. Any idea where this may have originated and how this can be fixed?

Thank you


You are shadowbanned my friend. Rest the account for around 14 days and then try again.

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Using the same hashtags over and over will also get you shadowbanned.
You must use different hashtags with each post.
You cannot even use your own hashtag with every post

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Change your hashtags and wait the end of your shadowbanned

So is it better to rest the account, or change the hashtags?

First change hashtags and a bit of rest doesn’t harm.
Also check that you are not using a banned hashtag.
Repeating is not so bad, but banned it is.
I repeat 100% of the hashtags and all work fine (few accounts), I know that for each account is different.

Thanks for your help! What can and cant i do while my account is being “rested” ?

Good luck fixing this. I’ve had instances where Instagram does nothing to resolve similar problems after months.

You can either leave it alone, or just not post and just like/comment like a normal human.
Both will work :slight_smile:

Build yourself a bank of relevant hashtags that work well for you - about 9-11 sets.
Rotate them and change them, then you are less likely to get this issue again.

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Seems like a shadowban man. You can check it here:

Usually happens when you use the same hastags over and over again, or use abused hashtags, also explicit adult content leads to shadowbans.