Posts on Longer Follow Blocks Being Deleted

Twice now there have been posts on Longer Follow Blocks that had started on 5/8. I started one and then there was another, twice now the link has disappeared and if I try and access it through my previous notifications, it says I don’t have access to the topic?

On the newer side here, what gives? Is it being merged with a LVL 2 conversation?

There is a level 1 conversation and level 2.
There’s not so much difference between them so you are not missing any golden solution.

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Can you link me to the LVL1? Can’t find it

Have a quick search for follow block and there is some l1 conversation.
…not much though.

I started one that was pretty popular and it’s literally gone now. Then there was another, which is also gone. It’s really strange

On the same account?
If it’s the same account I would just let it rest

Yep that’s what I’m doing - I have 12 affected accounts

Interesting, can any lvl2 confirm that this post got moved up?