Potential Clients buys Fake followers

So i had a dude who had a big brand bout tooth paste and tooth whitening products, and they wanted to grow their account at least 10-20k followers within 60 Days we made estimates and it amounted to about $5k plus, had a lengthy convo broke down the strategies we will be using and he was happy and said we will start as soon as possible and said he had to speak with his partner and he will text me the next day so we can work towards getting started. Well he never came back and i tried reaching out and he never replied checked the page a week later and boom 96k followers and their posts been getting about 30-80 likes videos about 300-400 and best i seen 1k views on the account. Anybody ever experienced something like that?


Happens to me regularly. If my clients purchase fake followers I cancel their subscription and they don’t receive a refund. The cherry on top for me is sending them an igaudit of their account which clearly exposes their fake follower percentage.

He was not my client tho so could not confront him on that

Forget about them

that site is bae. Exposing fakes for free lol


Ya sent him series of message never got back would have been my biggest client tho :grin::grin::grin:

Lol ya bro…

They ain’t real so not quite sure about that

You right tho

He just ruined his account lol what an idiot.


Agreed and the username of the brand is very unique just one word i guess he bought it from who ever had it or was able to get hold if it fast

Yup, just move on they come back :slight_smile:

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Thanks man…

Update us about the news bro. :slight_smile: Good luck!

Igaudit is BS. I did some testing with my customer profiles that have legit 100% targeted and real followers and the number is always around 50-60%. I know for a fact because there is so little fake accounts in our country.

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Yeah I don’t know about that IGAudit, cause I tested a few of my own accounts that I’ve bought followers for and get fake likes and they tested better than some accounts that I don’t bot or buy fake likes for.

Yeah I don’t think that it’s really accurate

Haha Sure bro

Leverage everything you know about it against him to revive the sale. You ran an audit, followers are BS. Okay well its obvious because his engagement sucks and is a terrible ratio. Yeah he did damage to his account but now lets fix it :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Sounds like a plan

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