POTENTIAL JV BUG - DM's not working properly

Hey guys, just giving you a heads up about a bug I have found on my Jarvee. Test to see if you are affected too.

I cannot dm a mother account that has a “.” in the account name. (i.e @heroes.lair) It goes to a dead link. This doesn’t happen if I dm on my phone or on chrome browser. It only happens via automatic dms and manual dms on Jarvee.

My mother account has a “.” in it and have just realized that it isn’t getting tagged. I don’t know how long this has been going for, but it will have had a big effect on my page growth.

Test your jarvee and comment on this post!

*I have already told Jarvee support, but am waiting for a reply.
@Stiletto @Adi_Ankonina

Jarvee has contacted me and I sent them the logs so the DEV can look at it. Not sure if its just my jarvee or if it’s on everyones

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