Potential methods to mask automation via additional human-like actions?

Hello everyone, long time lurker here and wanted to share and discuss some theories I have about Instagram automation which may be beneficial to open a dialog about for those of us using tools such as SuSocial/Jarvee.

I am running an operation of around 1000 MS accounts in SuSocial at the moment across multiple licenses/servers, all with the objective of following a targetted audience to drive traffic. Currently my goal is to maintain an average daily follow rate of 100 users across these accounts and reduce blocks/suspensions as much as possible whilst doing so.

In testing I have found that in order to reduce blocks and ensure the most users are followed each day it is important for each account to be making additional actions which make the overall account activity seem more authentic. This means using other tools and performing more actions overall, not less.

So far I have seen a great improvement to the initial rate of temporary block and suspension after incorporating the addition of actions such as “random actions”(aka feed scrolling), like + save from feed and explore, save posts and most recently I am using the reel viewer tool to view reels via hashtag search to try and emulate a real user as much as possible.

Despite these efforts to emulate human behaviour I am still seeing that all accounts will eventually become flagged and become unusable for follow/unfollow actions due to follow blocks at some time, usually once they have followed around 2000-3000 users. I am wondering if this is something others are experiencing as an inevitability or if I am just not doing enough to mask the follow actions long term.

I am also curious what others are doing with accounts once they start to get flagged in this way. I have considered that once an account passes 2/3k followed and starts to get increasing blocks I may switch their primary action to story views as it seems being flagged for follows does not impact the story viewer results.

Thank you!