Powerlikes Alternative

Does anyone know of a powerlikes alternative?

Trying to help rank my pictures in the hashtags.

Looked through the forum and couldn’t find much information on a one that’s working in Sept 2019.

Thanks in advance for whoever helps out!

Power saves maybe the next best thing lol


What’s a reliable / good place for PL and PS?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a good place. Powerlikes bots are a dying Instagram growth tactic. Fuelgram recently went down and they have a full dev team and could not overcome the blocks/compromised messages.

The only public bot that functions at the moment is called viralgrow.io but it’s overpriced, a rip off and they hit your posts with panel views (that they call “power views”) on per a post powerlikes purchases. The bot barely works imo.

I recently got invited to a private powerlikes bot (I haven’t tested yet) but it is possible they still face the same issues that the other bots face. The dev is someone I trust though so if anyone could get through the issues, then it’s him…


As @Paradox said, with the current blocks it is pretty impossible to find a decent and money-wise worth service. However, you couls try the Like Exchanger in Jv. or join/create an Engagement Group

Hm, why do you think that?

the thing is that nobody can automate its account to gives likes, so you cannot receive them anymore. If you are looking for a manuel likes on your post it will cost you a fortune

good thats its no longer viable

fake it till you make it isnt a good trend

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Powershares ?
Big pages share your post on their stories, it will boost your post engagement & exposure

The % of saves compared to likes has been a good indicator of vitality for posts in the past

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