Powerlikes - best provider now


Does anyone have a good powerlikes provider, or ‘autolikes’ provider?

I just need likes automatically sent to images when uploaded, and need it relatively cheap.

Been looking around, but would rather some input

@quorumlab has a really good service, value for money and great service.


thanks i think i found a decent one, well see.

Every service I’ve used has provided to same mediocre results, I just go with fuelgram now because it tends to be the cheapest. At least 50% cheaper than the other guys. I post high quality dog content on my personal IG and no matter the service, the same results. I get better results from sharing my post on twitter than I do from using powerlikes tbh. If you just want an inflation of likes, it really doesn’t matter who you use but unless your content truly will go viral, you’re wasting you’re money no matter the service.


A zillion good powerlikes will fail if the content is not viral material. A slateboard will never win the Formila 1 auto race,


not looking to go viral (cant hurt if it helps obviously), simply a visual and just needed something cheap - im not the stupid one paying for these, although i went with a provider!

Thank you guys!

I have some video I m sure could go viral in dog and animal niche. I’m confused about buying likes it’s often stated likes will not work in engagement unless the person liking is also your follower
But upon looking at the explore page you see videos with 18,000 likes and it’s obvious they are not followers of that particular dog

So is there a clear answer on this?

Powerlikes can work, but for them to do so it requires a few things:

The other users should be following you.
Buying powerlikes and getting them from random accounts doesn’t do much.

They need to be in your niche.
If you’re getting likes from all sorts of random accounts in different niches it won’t be nearly as effective as it could be. Build your own network in your niche and make sure you all follow each other.

Larger accounts = better.
If the other accounts follows you, and you are in the same niche you can end up on the explore page for their following, which is kind of a good thing.

It’s all a waste of time if you don’t have good content
Trying to grow and go viral is a waste of time if your content isn’t good. Everything is based on your content.

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If I can add something: Even if you go viral with powerlikes, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a lot of eg´ngaged new followers… As always growtth comes down to many many factors, not just how “viral” your post goes…