Powerlikes Ratio to Followers

I’m not sure if anyone talked about this before…
If planning to purchase powerlikes for accounts that have about 10K followers. What would be a good number to buy likes for each post?

Thanks a bunch

Hmm I’m interested in seeing if this is an effective strategy to gaining more exposure. I hope you guys can share some insights on your experience with power likes.

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Try here https://mpsocial.com/t/powerlikes-case-study/11225/


Damn I don’t have access to this yet, but I will bookmark this for when I get to Lv 2. Thanks @paulmic20

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Sorry guys, I have no access to that link yet.
I will bookmark for later reading.

That makes three of us! :slight_smile: PS Happy New Year, all!

We’ll all get there soon. Happy new year to you all!