Powerlikes yes again

Hi, I know that most of you don’t agree on powerlikes but I’d really love to know what’s the best companies you’ve dealt with? If this is against the rules, can you message me them? I’ve been working with a famous one but they now charge x20 and it’s absurd to me since it’s just fake likes after all. Thanks.

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The most common service that people use is Goso.io

It isn’t something I have personally used as it looked like an overpriced panel and I’ve gotten heavy discounts from JAP and other SMM Panels in the past. The panels used to have a bunch of “powerlikes” services so I assumed Goso was reselling it. Weirdly enough, the Goso likes are low quality panel likes but they seem to work well for ranking on hashtags and explore. I’ve looked at insights from the posts and they look organic. Its possible they have ordered something else, or just learned a great randomization process for like delivery. (Who knows though)

In regards to actual powerlikes services, nowadays they are rare as many of the automated powerlikes bots just don’t function anymore. I do know of a guy named Sam from Surge Social on Telegram. He does have a powerlikes service, but its a hit-or-miss type of situation and he says his clients either love it or hate it.

Feel free to hit up Sam, but I’m not 100% sure what his prices are…


Yes Goso is what I was dealing with and like you said, the likes did is magic in the tags and the explorer page (more than what jarvee does to me actually). And it’s been harder these days to find a proper service and goso knows that and takes advantage of the situation. Can you please msg me the person contact of telegram, I’ll apréciate it.

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Here’s his Facebook if that helps out.


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Real powerlikes aren’t fake likes. When you get likes from relevant and big accounts in your niche they can make an impact. Don’t expect to get these ones from popular providers. Better contact pages private/directly.


If you know real persons with real results send it to me please

never forgetti Like Exchange, F

I don’t know a good solid strategy for like exchange, I mean, a strategy that would give more than 5k per post. After all, have you ever thought what the people who have 28k likes per post are using? I don’t think like exchange, especially if I know that they don’t have the fan pages, it’s more than that. Do they incorporate powerlikes to reach more people? Maybe.

Does anyone know a good provider that does not work with monthly subscriptions but with payments per post?

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I’m following on that too. I want a monthly and per post services. If you are this kind of person/ know this kind of person please direct msg me.

Just a quick question. Can your own network of childs be considered powerlikes? Or they need some sort of authority first to apply for a powerlike? I’ve never used powerlikes so i wouldnt know shit about it

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Authority is really important. It’s also not as effective if the account is liking 100s of posts every day (which became a problem with engagement groups).

Anyone buying these from sellers who have packages of 20k likes per post should know they’re buying fake likes from a reseller. These don’t help with rankings or hitting explore.

@Paaaaaa You need to decide whether you’re actually after powerlikes or simply to increase your number. You won’t get 5K powerlikes anywhere.

How effective the engagement is depends on a few factors:

  • How many likes the post gives
  • Network size (total follower count)
  • Niche because the followers of accounts engaging will see your postss
  • Trust/Health Score Of Accounts

IMO, true powerlikes are 50,000+ followers as the “power” means it comes from large accounts and the bigger the network size you hit the post with, the more people explore algo tends to show it.

Go added up to 10k powerlikes to its packages. Of course I want to increase the number gradually but I also see accounts with 30-50k over all followers and 12-24k likes on each post. So I wonder what might be in this because It’s impossible that every post is hitting explore.

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wondering too, really interested