[Premium courses 2019] Did someone see this?

I was loking for some courses on google and i found this website selling them at 2 usd , the problem i thought it’s a scame i tried to buy one and it had been really delivered , is it legit ?

I feel very hesitant even clicking that link. ‘FuturMillionaire’? Not future? Really?

Also it’s a subdomain of myshopify. Pretty amateuristic.

At first glance it’s already a huge scam. So don’t bother.

yeah it’s a shopify store actually with paypal payment , and i tried to buy one the ig agent one and it was delivired automaticly , but my question is it legit ?

Well if you already bought it then why do you come asking here if it’s legit. Just try it yourself.

is it legal i mean sorry ?

Are you asking if buying a 999$ course at 2$ is legal?

Post the download link

i had bought only the smma 2.0 : https://mega.nz/#F!PQk0zAJJ!ktUUris4gj-eIkoxB8v0Hg
sorry i don’t have other ones didn’t buy all them .


Appreciated. Thanks

Suop ia down :confused:

email him here futurmillionaire21@gmail.com

You are not allowed to sell anything on the forum without a sales thread and you’re only to sell on your sales thread, not converting by dm’s.

If you have free courses for people than please share them publicly with people.

Thank you, have a nice day!

ok, sorry for that. I´ll delete the comment