Previewing profiles: does it count as an action?

So in the web browser you can hover the mouse pointer over a name and it will give you a small window with a preview. Lets say you’re going through a list and doing that several times to decide who you wanna follow. Does this count as an action? Lets say i preview 200 profiles and add 20. Will Instagram count this as 220 actions? Could this maybe be a reason for blocks?

I believe when you load those users with your account it will count as one API call.

Ig is tracking every single action that you do, but previewing accounts won’t cause you issues, i have been previewing way more than 200 accounts i had no issue, but as soon as you decide to take actions on those accounts then they will count that as a daily action.

One question: do you feel there is any difference between following 200 people on your phone or on your browser?

yes there is a difference from my tests i can follow more when using a browser then phone, I don’t know why exactly but i think IG trust the browser more than phones.