Price to charge for FB ads management?

A reasonably big brand is interested in me taking over their entire Social Media marketing. Facebook, IG, Twitter.

It will include scheduled posting, caption creation but not content creation, and FB ads.

The FB ads wont even be for conversions as they just want to promote the brand, just like putting up billboards- so simple engagement and reach campaigns.

Im wondering if anyone can think of anything additional I can offer to get me over the line?

Also the brand manager, (for some reason) told me they paid the last guy €1,200/month, but she thought she was being ripped off. Now I know he wasnt very good at what he was doing at all, but I guess it would be nice to get something like that.

Any ideas what I should charge for this full service? Many thanks


Sounds pretty time consuming. 1200€ is definitely not a rip-off for managing 3 accounts and creating ads for Facebook. If you think you can give them value and they are interested in you, then go with the same amount as the previous guy or at least 1000€. That’s my take on that!

You could offer content creation and make/repost some “viral” content for them. Monthly statistics are also nice to give to your clients.


Thanks so much.

They have very legit content being created by an agency.

Great idea thanks!

Hey Man ,

I have had this situation happen to me a few times, you have to be really careful.1,200 dollars is a good amount of cash, but if it stops you earning from other gigs because of the time involved then it’s not worth it.

Make sure to clearly define what tasks you will be doing , frequency and then receive sign off, usually its common to charge 15% of ad spend also. This helps you to cover the extra time involved as you scale. If you perform well they are going to want more and more.

$1,200 for all that work is seriously cheap.


Great thanks, you’re right it is going to take up a ot of time.

Is that 15% on top of the fixed €1,200?

Also its 1200 EURO, so thats $1,430

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Hey Ollie ,

I still think its cheap, do you charge a setup fee ? Sometimes it is good to have that and then offer to wave it if they commit to a 3-6-12 month contract (it pays to get your T.O.S contract professionally drafted as it will save you a fortune long term)

Absolutely 15% on ad spend, i usually bill that end of the month alongside any additional charges for copy / editing etc.


I only do IG management, so this is my first FB client.

I have a lot of experience in FB for my own dropshipping stores, so i’m well versed in all sorts of campaigns, including retargeting etc, however this brand seems to want a very simple engagement strategy implemented. - They are an alcoholic bev company, and just want their brand going around FB like a billboard… :thinking:easy money right

So in short, I don’t ‘usually’ charge a set up fee, as I’ve never done this, but what your saying makes sense.


To give you a reference:
My agency charges anywhere from $1500 to $7000 a month for Digital Marketing work (India is cheap!). This may include a combo of: strategy, content creation, execution, social media handling, ORM/CRM, ads (PPC/Display/Native/etc), reporting and analytics. On top of our retainer, we charge a 10% media handling fee for all media spends (which come out of the client’s pocket) and sometimes success fees when we meet contractual goals (eg: $1000/month for a 10% growth in bookings, etc).

Coming to your situation: In a European country, EUR 1200/month for a single person doing just posting and no content creation seems reasonable to me, especially since, as you say yourself, this is your first gig of this sort even though you may have experience in this field. That said, you will know what work you’ll be doing only after you get into it - something we’ve always experienced with our clients. Clients ALWAYS say “not much work” and it ALWAYS turns out to be more.

Whatever contract you sign, make sure to put in a renegotiation clause in 3 months.

This helps to upsell your services to clients, and get out of bad contracts whenever needed. Over-deliver in these three months, try to make clients see your worth, and increase fees. It might also make sense to put in the number of hours you expect to work on this brand per day - say 2 hours or 3 hours. You can find out how much a full time guy is getting at their company per month, and see what fraction of it is Eur 1200 and then decide what number to put in there - another way for you to argue to increase your fees down the road if you want to.

Coming to what additional you can offer: It’s always important to keep offering new things to clients and keep them interested enough to continue your services and set up the case to increase your fees. I would say something new every quarter to keep them on their toes. Various things you can do:

  1. Audience Research - Use Facebook’s Audience Insights tools or various 3rd party tools (social listening) to give the client some interesting data about their audience that might help them create future campaigns.

  2. Split testing on your ads & give them valuable insight on their audiences - Give them data on what kinds of caption are working for them, what age groups they’re targeting vs what age groups are interested in them, the demographics / behaviours of their audiences etc.

  3. New kinds of ads - Carousels, Canvas ads, Stories, Collections, etc. - Try to show them how your ads are increasing engagement. If you have or can get access to their website analytics, try to show audiences going to their website from your ads are more engaged that other audiences. Show them you’ve experimented with various kinds of ads and campaigns to get them the maximum juice out of their media $$. I have an alco-bev client, and one of their primary strategies in Europe is to host/co-host a lot of events there. You can try to improve visits to these events with your ads and show them how you’re doing it.

  4. Content / Campaign Co-Creation - Since the bulk of the content creation is being taken care of by an agency, you really can’t do much there. But the way you put it, I feel their agency is a mainline creative agency, with no hand in Digital. You can ask to be involved in campaign creation from the beginning so you can suggest ideas of taking their mainline campaign digital - interesting digital hooks that will improve their campaigns, creating a landing page to unify campaign efforts, etc.

  5. Beyond Facebook / Social Media - This is where you can actually make some easy money and impress clients as well! If your client doesn’t have a dedicated media buying agency, you can try some non-social ads for them - Adwords (easy), Taboola/Outbrain, etc. You can also try to get them started up on new social media that they’re not using, like Flipboard (would work for, say, a single malt brand) or Tumblr (would work for a beer brand)!

Hope that helped or at least gave you some ideas.

All the best, man!


Wow, that’s a very generous response.

Lots of value in this for me, so thank you very much!!

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If you guys charge monthly; how often do you charge? every 30 days? 4 weeks? 31days?

Thanks again

Calendar month for me. But I see freelancers charge weekly sometimes.

what’s this :social listening

I think you are overthinking this a little bit too much :smiley:
Once a month.


Social Listening helps analyse what people on social media are talking about your brand / competitors & gives you insights into their demographics, sentiment, etc.

Thanks for helping me discovering
I can’t believe I never used that before :joy::joy::joy:

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And just a quick question how much do you charge for the ig management?
and i would say for the fb management charge well, you don’t want to feel used or underpaid down the road, is better to set up a good price where both you and the client are comfortable than trying to up charge the client down the road, and remember the client is always going to try to get the best deal, so be confident on your price ’ proposal’ and always add value to your time and your work.

Hi Ollie,

Please explain 15% on ad spend. Does it mean if the customer has made a total expense of $1000 on ad spend then we charge $150 on it at the end of the month.