Pricing Service Correctly/ Correct Workflow

Hey There Everyone,

Let’s cut right to it, client asks me, “Hey, I bought followers in the past and I want them removed, how much would that cost”

First off I feel like I could do this and you all tell me if my workflow is missing steps or could be improved:

-Compile list of all Followers
-Compile list of everyone who has interacted ever since their first post (all likes and comments)

-sort list of (interactors) by name and add a value next to each time their name appears
(IE: badgirlriri - 55)

Cross compare list against followers, run duplicate detection and have it delete anyone with a value of 10 or higher from followers, anyone remaining is either a ghost account or portential fake follower.

The only other type of algorithm I could think of is removing mass followers by searching for accounts that are following over 2k, under 10 followers, and under 10 posts

Personally I’d price out the list at $80 / and Removal at $100, the campaign would block/unblock 100 accounts a day.

Interested in what you all think about this!

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Looks good to me.

Have you tested this yet?

Now that socialrank’s IG sorting disappeared, I’m curious to know if its still possible to rank followers from interactions like you said

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Well jarvee has a way you can pull this data thankfully!

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in jarvee you can just tell him to unfollow people dont comment, dont like, basicly dont interact with your acc in last X time or last X post. if you have buyers is more complecated.
i know you can white list people but i dont think white list acept email