Private Account vs Public Account

Hi to all!

Do you think by having an account set to private and as a business will make people follow since theyd be curious of content.

Otherwise by being public people can see already and will just Dm.

Logic right?

Mine are all currently on public.

Thanks for your responses!

Private typically produces more growth but less engagement. The primary benefit of private is also your content doesn’t need to be captivating to encourage growth. But if your content sucks anyone worthwhile will leave once they do see your content and all you’re left with is a bunch of people that don’t care about you.

Still, if you need fast growth for any reason private is usually the way to go if you don’t have the content quality.


business is always public – once you go to private, it becomes a personal account. – also, if you switch to many times you may lose branding rights along other things to.


For businesses you should always be public that way you can get to explore page and hashtags

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You loose swipe up feature if you go private.

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Thanks guys. I changed back 6 accounts from private to public. Its makes sense business is public.

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