Private Automation Bot

Hey I’m new here! My friend Abhinav said that you guys have a private automation bot on here. Can anyone tell me how I can access it. Cheers

Welcome! :slight_smile:

This is a social media marketing forum and not a software provider/support.
Most of us are working with Jarvee, it’s public.


And please do not ask how to handle etc. Use the search option in this forum or there are also instructional videos on YT :slight_smile: Regards <3 Peace <3

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Thanks guys thats great

Abhinav ratting us out

@Mastema chill out a bit dude, you are replying to every single thread it seems and most of the replies are quite short. If you are shooting for the fast track to Level 2, this is not the way.


Why is he ratting us out? Most likely he just mixed up something. We are all humans, nobody is perfect :slight_smile:

There’s also some other alternatives that might be easier than Jarvee for a beginner, depends on what your focus is really…