Private Verified Instagram Account

Hi Guys,

I am managing a business account for a beauty company that is verified. Recently we have had a massive amount of fake followers that might have been sent by a competitor. We are thinking to go private for a while, but not sure if we will keep our verified account. I wrote to Instagram but without any success. Any tips would be welcomed.

Thank you so much

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I have my personal account set as private and it didn’t loose the badge, not sure about business accounts though.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

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Instagram won’t let you go private even if you want, business accounts can’t switch to private.

That’s a hard one: disable your account for a few days and see what happens. I know, that’s a very risky move, but what else could you be doing?!? You can switch to personal account, then go private, stay there some time, then go public again and switch back to business but then you will loose all the insight data…

Hi, i tried and it can.

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately there isnt a lot of options. Even trying to delete them with jarvee or any other app is risky, especially the fact that it has been about +20k fake followers now.

seriously… that’s weird, i have a business account and tried to switch before answering you and they did not let me.

This is what i got


Have you tried to switch form Business to Personal and then switch to private?

no, i did not, but i think that should work normally, a personal account can be public or private, the main question here is for a business account, I tried to do the switch directly on a business account from public to private, not allowed.

what @fati said is that it’s possible, witch makes me wonder how?

stay public - it says you have to remain public if you want to stay verified

As far as I know being public is a requirement for verification and you are subjecting yourself to risk.

I looked like an idiot when I suggested that we go private for a shoutout campaign since the CEO told me they could lose the check if they did so.

However, it’s definitely possible to go private as a verified account and I saw one a couple weeks ago.


I know thats not the best solution, but since we have had an increase of fake followers the only option to stop it was to go private for a while. But it is not possible anyway. Thank you very much for your help guys.

how can you change a business account from public to private?