Pro account Vs Creator account

Does anyone know why some accounts have creator account and some have pro account?

It seems the ones that have pro accounts get approved for the creator fund and the creator ones do not.

Been awhile man! How have you been? Didn’t know you were still in the Tiktok game

Yessir just hoping back since they just released the creator fund. it’s pretty bad pay tho for 8 milion views I got $140

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What’s their formula to determine how much you make?

I have a creator account. You can apply for it, not sure if that was a good idea though. Views are going down drastically since being accepted to the program.

I think it just goes by how many usa views you get

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I think it depends on your location and from where you got the views but as Ben_Corry said the pay is pretty bad :grin:

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