Problem liking aswell?

i feel like the avg liking limit has been changed
does any one else feeling this?
instagram cooking something for us, the automation softwares judgement day are
closer then i thought


ggwp, you baited me dude.

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huh baited ? i dont understand, why would i want to bait people here?


almost 1000 things to read about this.



why would you share a topic lvl2 in lvl1 zone? umm

Sorry, didnt see that:)

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Yes they might have done just that.

Yup, some of my automated accounts on proxies have liked ZERO images in the last 2-3 days with FL.

Something definitely changed in algorithms in Instagram land.

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yes dammit oh god we doomed

I heard it a proxy problem.


can you expend pls? and how to fix it if its a proxy problem?


I heard the same…

FL put out an update in their User Guide to PAUSE the accounts for 24-48 hours. And to reduce the like actions to 200-350 per day with an increased range in delays (55-75s)

If it still persists, to keep it paused for a week and try again.

I tried with some of my accounts, and they are still not working 100%.

Will check back in a week’s time…

But F/UNF still working fine on proxies.

What was behind this decision to pause accounts? Does anybody have a good idea about how dangerous automation is?

my thoughts on the PAUSE = to wait out the new changes from Insta and not cause the account to trigger any forced repeated action warnings.


word up, need to stay low k now boys


Whenever I swipe right on Tinder I also get this block.

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im following this advice

an update just fixed the issue over on followliker for the likes. I currently set it on slower and lower daily maximums than usual. (200-350 daily likes) 55-75secs delays.

Will slowly build it back up with a bit more caution…


Fixed meaning you are still using the proxies that were causing you like blocks initially?

Just setup one of these, you’ll be fine.