[PROBLEM] Mixed content (http content on https site)


I searched and we didn’t have a report of this problem, also didn’t know who should I contact with this.

When I load the https://mpsocial.com site Chrome and Firefox should show it as a completely secure site (because the https) -> Chrome would show it with a green lock icon right near the URL.
However because there is mixed content on the site it says not completely secure.
What does it mean? If you open the Developer tools in your browser you can see on the Console what caused the errors. In MPSocial’s case the problem is that the logo is loaded via HTTP instead of HTTPS.
Although your site on HTTP redirects to the HTTPS one, in the source code it’s still loaded from simple http. This way the logo image doesn’t come from a fully secure source.

Can some of the admins/leaders check the logo URL and just simply modify the URL to HTTPS?
It would maximize the trust in the forum for everyone.

Edit: there are still some other http images (logos and icons) on the page. Check them too. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day guys and thanks. :slight_smile:


You are right. And I am sure in the past it worked ok…

@Adnan ?


Great eyes @bwbalazs , btw one more post you can jump to lvl 2. Congratulations :tada:


Thanks. I am a web developer so I always recognize these in a few seconds. Always analyzing sites I visit. :joy:
BTW I had 150 comments 2 days ago and I didn’t get the level 2 rank. Actually it requires posting to 150 different topics. :slight_smile: So it still needs some more time.

Keep it up bro, :joy: :joy:

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